Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where DO you find the time?

Now that you know a little bit about my family (see "Just Jump Right In") I can tell you a little bit about myself and what I do besides crochet. I have been very blessed because I have been allowed to be primarily a "Stay at Home Mom" or as I like to call it a "Professional Parent". I have worked seasonal jobs here and there and part time jobs here and there, but I like being a Mom. In fact, when it came time to choose careers in high school, or college I could really only envision myself doing 2 things, being a mom and being a teacher.

Hmmmm...interesting phenomenon.....I have just erased 3 different paragraphs, in each paragraph I am writing about everybody else but me. Let me try this again.......

Currently, I work about 3 hours a day at Pax Amicus Castle Theater I work in the box office answering phones, taking ticket orders and do any other little tasks that need to be done. I couldn't ask for a better job or better people to work for! Currently the professional actors (and actresses) are working on "Tales of Edgar Allan Poe" a dark performance that they put on every year for hundreds of different schools. It is an AMAZING show written and directed by Stan Barber.

Pax is also working on "School House Rock Live Jr." Directed by yours truly. This is the 5th play that I have directed at the castle, it is a "Generation Next" production, which means that it is performed by kids age 11-18. Last year I directed "Disney's Aladdin Jr." and I had a wonderful cast of 28ish kids. Here is a fun little clip from that show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2kkMdLd6Mc&feature=autofb It is always such a joy to direct and work with these talented kids! I am eager to see what my "School House Rock" kids do in 2 weeks when we open.

A couple of weeks ago I had a very dear friend who heads up a group called "F.A.I.T.H Center" Fine Arts in The Home call me and ask if I could help out by teaching a drama class.....or 4 drama classes. So grinning from ear to ear, I jumped at the chance. Wow...is that fun! Great kids, great fun and sometimes I feel like I learn more then they do (Ssshhh....don't tell the kids that) I am convinced that is a true statement with almost any teaching job.
So, maybe at this point you are asking, so besides directing, teaching and working part time at a box office, what else do you do? Well, 3 years ago I got my real estate license. If you are into reading head lines, listening to new teasers or even breathing, then you know that today's real estate Market is not a great place to be. I won't stay on this topic too long, suffice it to say that I think I would be a really terrific agent if things were better, but in my experience, the highs and lows and the expectations and let downs were just a little to draining for me. My husband (bless his heart) has seen me cry, scream, kick, pout, sulk, mope and sob more in my real estate career then in our 9 years of marriage. Although I am still working for Prudential New Jersey Properties at some point I will put my license to referral agent status, until the market gets a little better. Feel free to contact me with any of your real estate needs after that!!

I would love to sit here and add "I am training for a Triathlon" on my resume as well, but I am still only toying with the idea, until I can 'beef up' my swim and find the time to do it right. My husband just finished his 3rd Tri and he has kind of inspired me to swim, bike and run and hopefully someday (maybe 2010) enter a tri. I have to confess, of all the things that I do, taking time to swim, bike or run is the most challenging and time consuming. But I have come a long way on my swim...you can read all about that on another Blog that I started at http://www.everydayhealth.com/blogs/tutus-tri-training I think I only have 2 entries in it, but you'll get the general idea of what I am hoping to do. And after my play closes, I think I can start my intense training again. Although I have been asked to return in "It's a Wonderful Life" as Mary-Hatch Bailey. Acting does not take as much time or energy as directing.

I think that's it, and most people that know me and know of my busy schedule, the first thing they say to me is "Where do you find the time to crochet!!??" I believe it was an Amway sales rep who once told me "You find time to do the things you love" Well, I don't know if that can ever be the case with Amway, but it certainly is the case for my crocheting. I take my projects with me to cheerleading practice, soccer games, dental appointments, doctor appointments, ortho appointments, car tune up appointments, long car rides, Family quadding trips and I have even been known to take my crochet to the movies and church. (usually only when I am working on a timeline) For the past 10 months or so I have been meeting with a group on Wednesdays when I can make it, at Panera. I know that doesn't sound like much fun to many people, but I get all giddy inside just thinking about crocheting at Panera with a steamy hot cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll on the table in front of me. Who needs therapy when you have that!! The place that I crochet the most? Well, that would be what I call my "Crochet Corner" pictured here (ideally I would be sitting in this picture a serene smile on my face with crochet hook in hand, but my family tends to clear the room very quickly as if they are under attack when I bring out my camera, so there was nobody to snap a photo)

You can see the hat I finished last night on the arm of the sofa, and the hat I am currently working on in the seat of the sofa. I am hoping to have these uploaded on my etsy site tomorrow, but play props have to come first. I have an Elvis costume I have to create and about 20 other prop items I need to round up.

Sometimes when I am in a conversation and I mention (not brag!) but just mention some of the things I do or have done, more times then I can count somebody suggests "Wow...you should write a book!" and although it seems sort of appealing, my first thought is 'Where would I find the time??!!'

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  1. What a great crochet corner!
    And, congratulations on the teaching gig.